Berbee Derby Training Program


What better way to start off Thanksgiving Day than to go for a run?  That way you can enjoy all that amazing food guilt free the whole rest of the day.  Not sure you’re ready to take on the 5 or 10K run?  They have a 5K walk as an option as well.  The 5K course is new this year and offers a more pleasurable experience than the previous out and back route.  The 10K remains the same, but why would you want to change the 10K route that includes the gorgeous capital city bike loop through one of the more quite, wooded sections of the bike trail.

Want to up your game this year and get organized with your training?  I am offering a 6 week training program through Speed Cycling.  The program will include 1 group training run on Monday nights and a 6 week training program for the other days of the week.  This program will ensure you are ready come Thanksgiving Day.  This class will be a great opportunity to get some feedback on your running form and will help you become a faster, more efficient runner.  You will learn techniques you can take with you to your next event training program.  Here is the link for more details:

Sign up now and tell your runner friends, we have a minimum sign up we are close to hitting, why not be the one to put us over the edge??

Let me know if you have any questions by posting on my Facebook page: Joe Marks Running

Also, to learn more about my coaching services and what I can do to help your running, click here

Keep on runnin…


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